Pedometer App that Doesn’t use Data

Pedometer App that Doesn’t use Data: When you are outside the home and it becomes difficult for you to keep your internet package all the time. And even turning on mobile data all the time becomes the battery-consuming source. If you are in this difficult situation and want to use a pedometer app that doesn’t use data, then you are at the right place.

We are going to discuss the pedometer app that doesn’t use data. Several apps offer this opportunity and work great even in the offline mode.

Google fit:

Google fit records an entire pack of things when you are in offline mode however it will not count your steps. At that point you get back home, interface with Wi-Fi and it transfers everything, then you can check your all records there. Google fit is free and available on the play store.

Just like other pedometer apps it also has some problems but when it comes to offline use, these problems become nothing. You can take a start to keep yourself active with google fit

Run Keeper:

Runkeeper is free for normal users but the premium version is paid. It can work even without internet or GPS, however, its live tracking feature will not work. Asics Runkeeper is a pedometer app that doesn’t use data that is believed as an ideal app for all levels.

That is because it’s not difficult to utilize and has sound signs to inspire the new users. It likewise has preparing programs if you need an objective to pursue when you’re beginning. In any case, it likewise has various progressed highlights for prepared sprinters, just as an exceptional participation alternative to open considerably more details and running plans.

You can have a great experience of using this app in offline mode. You cant stay connected to the internet 24/7 and it will help you to keep a record of your physical activity.

My fitness pal:

Like other apps, it also counts calorie burn, water tracking, and fitness tracking with step counting. It is suggested that you stand by until you have any web association or interface with wifi. Any progressions you make to your food or exercise journal while disconnected won’t show up on the site until you have a web association accessible and can synchronize those changes.

However, it will count your steps and do the regular activity even in offline mode. But the changes made offline made will not appear after the internet connection.

Run static steps:

Indeed, it is available to utilize the run static application in the disconnected mode. There’s nothing you need to do except separating your Smartphone from the web. In disconnected mode you will not have the option to get to the distant information like guides and the online rise isn’t accessible. Additionally, the estimations will not be precise as they would be on the off chance that you are on the web. Whenever you’ve associated with the web again your guides will be stacked and meet transferred. However, it is the advantage of this app that you can use it in offline mode

Pace health pedometer:

You can download the Pedometer application to transform your simple entertaining device into your wellbeing and weight reduction tracker. You Get thinner with calorie-consuming guided wellness plans, step tallying, and action following.

You can Join their wellbeing, wellness, and strolling local area and get fit and dynamic. You can easily use it without any internet connection.

This pedometer app that doesn’t use data work great and doesn’t have any serious problem which becomes a problem for you.


Exercise is difficult and maintains discipline is extremely boxy. It is not that terrible getting off the bed and going for a run. Monitoring your activity is by and large difficult, you have to note down all the details and instead of running, you keep your main focus to keep a record of your activity. You normally need to purchase an entirely different piece of equipment to do it at any rate generally precisely.

That requires Bluetooth and synchronizing and charging another gadget. In any case, there are approaches to follow your means on your android or iPhone. None of them are pretty much as precise as your wellness trackers like Fitbit, yet they can do the work when necessary. These are the best pedometer app that doesn’t use data which can work easily in the offline mode and can track your activity

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