Omron Pedometer Manual hj-321

Omron Pedometer Manual hj-321: What makes Omron HJ -321 the best pedometer? There are many features hold by this product that makes it the best pedometer to achieve fitness goals. The 3D smart sensor technology of this pedometer knows best what you are doing right now! 7 days memory tracker will help you to remember what you have done this week and it will show you your sincerity regarding health.


Omron Pedometer Manual hj-321

When you will open the package you will receive the following components with the pedometer watch.

  • Screwdriver
  • Omron manual HJ-321
  • Holder
  • Chinese instruction manual
  • Step counter
  • battery

To start the product you can see the following steps, which are discussed in the pedometer manual HJ-321

  • The product comes with a battery which is installed already.
  • Weight units setting

Press the set button or mode or mem on the pedometer watch, you will see the options of “kg” or “lb.” Then press the mode button and press set for weight units which you want

  • Stride Length:

Again press the same button of mode and then press set for the distance unit setting of Omron pedometer manual HJ-321

  • Time Display:

For the time display setting, press the mode button and then confirm the time by pressing the set button. You can select a 12Hr or 24Hr display according to your own choice. You can also change the time whenever you want by following these Omron pedometer manual HJ-321 instructions.

  • Weight Setting:

To set the weight press the set button and then with the mem button you can adjust your weight. As weight changes after short intervals, you can also change it every time you detect a change in your weight.

Omron Pedometer Manual hj-325:

Omron Pedometer Manual hj-325:

Omron pedometer manual HJ-325 can be operated in the same way just as the Omron pedometer manual HJ-321 because these two watches follow the same instructions while operating.

The product comes with the following components:

  • Pedometer
  • Strap
  • Clip
  • Battery; already installed
  • Holder
  • Omron pedometer manual HJ-325

The main difference between these two models is that Omron pedometer manual HJ-325 has up and down buttons. These buttons can be followed for the following purposes

  • You can easily set your weight because it is variable, with the up and down buttons it becomes very easy to operate the device
  • You can also set the time with the help of these up and down buttons
  • Ib and kg units can also be changed through these buttons

Omron Pedometer Manual HJ-320:

Omron pedometer manual HJ-320 is very easy to understand, this product does not contain any difficulty setting. To set the distance, time, weight, and other things, press the mem button and then follow the Omron pedometer manual HJ-321 instructions.

This package comes with the following components:

  • Pedometer watch
  • Screwdriver
  • Omron pedometer manual HJ-320
  • Holder
  • Battery; already installed


When you take care of things they will help you throughout your journey. Here are some tips which can be helpful for you to keep safe your pedometer watch.

  • Follow the setting instructions carefully, so that you might not get into trouble
  • Due to its small components, it is a sensitive product. Don’t keep it to the places where children can get it.
  • When you are not using the product for a long time, remove the battery from it and always use the new battery again.
  • Dropping the product can affect it, be careful because strong shocks can damage it.
  • It is not waterproof, do not wear it in rain, and be careful while washing hands if you are wearing it on your wrist.



How should I Wear The unit To Ensure Accurate results?

You can wear the unit where you are comfortable but for accuracy, the best location is to keep it in your pocket. Mostly front pocket gives you the best result, it doesn’t matter whether that pocket is on your shirt or your jeans.

How Do I Know When To Replace My Battery And How Do I do It?

When you see the option of low battery on the screen, you need to replace the battery urgently. The screwdriver provided with all the units of Omron is used for this purpose. You just need to remove the back cover of the pedometer and then use the thin stick. Don’t use any type of metal while removing the battery.

Why Does The Screen On My Pedometer Go blank?

Your pedometer might be on the saving mode, when there is not any button pressed, after 5 minutes the screen will automatically go blank. It does not mean your pedometer is not working, meanwhile, it will count your steps but the screen will be blank to save the battery. If you want to see your activity, just press the mem or mode button.

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