Letscom Fitness Tracker vs Fitbit

Letscom Fitness Tracker vs Fitbit

Fitbit holds the market when it comes to pedometer watches but is LETSCOM a better choice? You might have seen many people discussing LETSCOM vs. Fitbit which one is better, but you cannot decide until you try them or have proper guidance about their features. Everyone in this world does not want the same things, so how can we decide which is better for you? We will discuss Fitbit vs. LETSCOM in detail to determine which is suitable for you at the end of this discussion.

Fitbit vs Letscom

People buy these trackers mostly to keep track of their workouts and calories expended while also keeping an eye on their heart rate. On the other hand, LETSCOM vs. Fitbit trackers provide additional functionality such as sleep tracking, music controls, and notification alerts.

As fitness tracker popularity grows and competition enhances their devices with new features and software, it becomes more difficult for consumers to determine which fitness tracker would best suit their needs. Here we have the list of features of Fitbit vs. LETSCOM, which we will discuss below.

  • Step tracking
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Training modes
  • Sleep tracking and tools
  • Nutrition and weight measurement
  • Motivation
  • Call and messages
  • Alarm
  • Water resistance

Step Tracking:

Step tracking done by LETSCOM vs. Fitbit hold great accuracy because this is the essential feature for which people buy step tracker.

However, the accuracy can vary by the tracker’s position, like where you wear this band on the leg or arm. It is suggested to wear the tracker on the arm as it is the most accurate place to detect your activity well. Both watches are best when you especially purchase them just for step tracking.

Sleep Tracking:

Fitbit vs. LETSCOM, in both Sleep tracking automatically and continually tracks your real-time heart rate and tracks your sleep length and consistency with a complete analysis of sleep quality data.

In terms of technology, we’ve evaluated the Fitbit Sense and found it to be the best wearable sleep tracker on the market right now. Because of the 40mm case size, it’s light on the wrist and won’t get in the way. It also uses the same sleep monitoring technology as the rest of the Fitbit range.

However, there is also a difference between LETSCOM and Fitbit is that LETSCOM needs to reset the noon, which means you cannot track your sleep activity before this.

Those people who sleep before midnight should not use this for sleep tracking.


LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

Heart Rate Monitor:

Heart rate monitoring done by Fitbit vs. LETSCOM is accurate. When you change the mode, these bands will record each time the heart rate with great accuracy.

It is difficult to say Letscom Fitness Tracker vs Fitbit which one is better. However, The Fitbit Charge HR was correct 84%, and the Basis Peak (extra feature added by Fitbit) was correct 83% when the survey was done.

The researchers discovered that the trackers were less accurate the harder someone exercised. Fitbit tended to underestimate heart rate.

LETSCOM also has the same accuracy round as Fitbit for heart rate monitoring because both watches work with the exact mechanism.

The main thing which matters in heart rate tracking is the type of exercise you are doing.

So until the training is easy, like running and walking, these bands will show the exact heart rate, but if you are hiking, cycling, and another exercise, the accuracy can vary.

Calls And Messages:

You can answer or decline calls, but not as a means of communication in both watches LETSCOM vs. Fitbit. You will get notifications for calls, messages, calendar events, and apps like Gmail and Facebook straight from your wrist,” according to its websites. And even send rapid replies and voice replies right from your wrist.” When the phone is close by, it is available.

Different Workout Modes:

Fitbit, with the various training modes, mainly walking, spinning, lifting weights, and working out, works great. Some methods, such as walking, make sense to me, while others, such as weights, I’m not sure why they exist. The actual tracking abilities of the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR are unsurprising.

The device tracks how many steps you take, how many calories you burn, how far you walk, and 14 different sorts of workouts you do. Fitbit vs. LETSCOM have different work modes, but every time you need to change it by yourself of LETSCOM.

In Fitbit, the mode changes by itself, but sometimes it is not accurate, so you need to check it first and then start your workout.

Water Resistance:

Fitbit is an excellent water-resistant band that allows you to wear in exercise even when You are sweating and on a little rainy day. You can wear Fitbit 3 while swimming, but LETSCOM should be avoided during swimming.

However, LETSCOM is also water-resistant and can be dipped in water for half an hour without damaging its functions, but you should avoid it.

There is no need to worry about when you wear LETSCOM in the shower because it can resist this quantity of water.

Which one is better LETSCOM vs. Fitbit?

LETSCOM vs. Fitbit both brands manufacture great watches, but Fitbit is excellent because of its new and high-functioning pedometers. However, it also depends on what type of features you want from a look and its cost.  The Fitbit comes in at a fair price, well below most smartwatches.

However, the Letscom fitness tracker is still quite good for its price. Its features (aside from sleep tracking) work as advertised, and it tracks steps and heart rate accurately. In the end, all that is matters is your choice and what you prefer.

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