Method How to Set a Digital Watch With 2 buttons

This article is about setting up a digital watch with two buttons. The first thing to do is press the button on the top of the watch and hold it down. Then, you need to press the button located on the bottom of the watch and then release both. After that, you need to enter the time by pressing the button on the top again and then pressing either button from 1-12 to change it accordingly.

A watch is a device worn on a person’s wrist and is used to tell the time. Watches were once mechanical devices that needed to be wound by hand. Today, watches can be digital and set in seconds using two buttons: the ‘start/stop button and the ‘mode’ button. Here we will tell you Method How to Set a Digital Watch with 2 buttons

Digital watch

Digital watches are gaining popularity today because they are more convenient, easier to read, and more accurate than analog watches. For some digital watches with just one button, the digital display shows when the button is pressed once.

For other more complicated digital watches with both buttons, pressing the top button will show the hour, while pressing the bottom will show minutes. Pressing both buttons together can also change modes or reset the watch.

Method How to Set a Digital Watch with 2 buttons

When not using a digital watch, it can quickly become useless. The time they display is usually wildly inaccurate, and the buttons may not work to set the correct time. Luckily, it is relatively easy to input the right time into your digital watch by following these steps:

First, push the button on the upper right-hand side of your digital Watch. This will allow you to receive an input signal.


Setting a digital watch with two buttons is an easy task once familiar with the process. After pressing the “Mode” button, press the lower-left button to set hours and the upper right button to set minutes. You can also use this process in reverse order by first pressing the upper right button; then the lower left button.

When setting a digital watch, set the time by pressing the “A.M.” button until the time is correct for your current time zone. The next step is to set the date on the clock. Pressing the “DATE” button will change both displays on the screen to show the date.

Set it correctly by pressing the “A.M.” button or “P.M.” button to adjust numbers and then press “SET” once you are satisfied with your selection.

Click the “Adjust” button twice to access the “Time and Date” display to set the date and time on your smartwatch. Hold down the “Adjust” button until the “Time” digits start flashing. Set your digital watch to the correct hour and minute intervals using the “Start/Stop” and “Split/Reset” buttons. Follow the below mention step for setting your digital watch with two buttons.


  • The month is the first step. Activate the set (bottom) button.
  • The second step is the day. Activate the set (bottom) button.
  • Step 3: Hour. Activate the set (bottom) button.
  • Step 4: Wait a minute.
  • Step 5: Put it all together.


Setting a digital watch with two buttons can be challenging because these watches typically have 4 to 8 buttons. It is often necessary to press the button multiple times before arriving at the correct option.


Many people find watches with two buttons challenging to use, but they are straightforward to set. The first button is usually for setting the hour, and the second is for setting minutes. Start by pressing the first button to set the hour you want it to be to set your watch. Next, press the second button to move on to minutes. Use this button to increment or decrement your time either five minutes at a time or one minute at a time.

Final Words

There are a few steps to follow to set your digital watch with two buttons. Firstly, press the “mode” button, which will bring you to the second screen. Press the side of your choice, and use the other hand to input the time. Once both hands are set, press “start.” You have successfully set it up.


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