How To Set Time on Casio Watch With Three Buttons

How To Set Time on Casio Watch with Three Buttons: The innovative incorporative technology has computer-like features, and original design solutions and compactness can please even the most discerning consumer. Casio G-Shock watches are available in various colors, shapes, materials, and sizes, with women’s models available in addition to men’s models. Casio has built a powerful cult around itself.

Firefighters, military personnel, and paramedics prefer durable watches to Android Wear’s competent stuffing members. Casio introduces new versions and tries out new colors to keep customers interested in its products.

Setting Casio watch sometimes becomes difficult for people, but if you follow the instructions correctly, it will become a cup of tea for you.

Great benefits of wearing a Casio Watch:

Firstly you need to know all the features of the Setting Casio watch, which is the most stunning fashion accessory in our lives, as it not only tells time but also enhances the elegance of our outfit. These fashionable Casio watches are the ideal timepieces, with their captivating appearance and functional features. The main features of this watch are

Take a Break:

The need for a stopwatch is indescribable in life, whether you’re a student, a sportsman, an athlete, or a coach. In the laboratory or on the racetrack, this watch is needed for every measurement process phase.

The unique feature of this wristwatch is time tracking. As a result, you won’t have to buy a new stopwatch for this task.

Resistant to Water

The Casio G-Shock is the world’s most delicate water-resistant watch. This sports watch is an excellent choice if you are a swimmer or enjoy athletics.

You can dive underwater, shower, swim, fish, water ski, beach surf, or do something else with water while wearing this watch on your wrist. Water resistivity is effective up to a depth of 200 meters.

Fashion and Design

Casio G-Shock is the most fashionable choice for gym-goers. It’s a beautiful sport watch that elevates your style while also advancing your sporting career.

Resistant to shocks

The G-Shock Casio’s outer shell is equipped with three layers or a triple case safety capsule to provide high resistance to any external shock or sudden impacts. It is a sturdy, long-lasting, and trendy piece of equipment. It cannot be damaged by impact, falling, or shaking.

How To Set Time on Casio Watch With Three Buttons

The people Who want a combination of antique and modern timepieces will appreciate the Casio Illuminator watch series. Although the models differ, all of the watches have an analog face with an inset digital display and backlighting.

The Casio Illuminator comes with two clocks in one, and you can use the digital buttons to set both features at once. For Setting Casio watch, follow these instructions, and also you can see how to change time on Casio watch three buttons.


Hi there today I am here to explain to you how you can set time on Casio watch

I am taking an example of Casio 3298

So on the main screen

  • At start click on MODE button to move to edit time
    After click Mood button You will see screen of Alarm again click MOOD to move to Stopwatch and on 3rd place there is Time
  • Now you will see the seconds tab will start blinking
    To change the Hours digit click on LIGHT Button
  • Now Click On START/STOP Button to change the Hours digit
  • Press Light again to change MINUTES TAB
    Again Click o START/STOP to change Minutes Tab
  • And continue this method to change Month, Year, Day
  • After all, changes Click on LIGHT and then MOOD

That’s all done to set your time on Casio watch.

How to set time on Casio watch with four buttons

SO Casio watch with four buttons contain

  • Adjust, Mood light Stop-start button
  • So if you are going to start change your time
    click on Adjust button then your seconds tab will start blinking
  • So now to change HOURS Click on Mood and then press Start/stop button to increment your hours
  • then for Minutes click again on Mood and change Start/Stop to change
  • So after all things fine
  • Click on Adjust and your time saved




Setting a watch without the correct instructions can be challenging, and here you can see Set Time on Casio Watch With Three Buttons

With all of the buttons and labels and having to click each one at different intervals and for different amounts of time, figuring out the mechanism on the fly can be challenging. Watches are costly, but they become redundant if they are not correctly set. A Casio watch needs only four buttons to set up, so you can have it up and running in no time. You can follow these instructions to set the watch easily.

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