How to Reset Omron Pedometer Step By Step Method

Reset Omron Pedometer: A pedometer is an electronic portable device that is used for counting a person’s walking steps by detecting the motion of hands and hips. A pedometer is used as a detector. It is the best motivation for people to do physical activity. It has good use in sports and for physical fitness. A person who is very fat and did not lose weight. A pedometer is a motivation for him to use this for his weight loss.

He has to wear this pedometer and start his walk and tell you how much distance you covered and how many steps you take. In advance pedometer, it checks your heartbeat and blood pressure level that is used in clinics and laboratories.


Omron Pedometer Features

Omron HJ-321 pedometer is a great tool for those who are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It counts your steps so you can stay active and fit no matter where you go. The Omron HJ-321 pedometer has an easy one-touch operation, which allows the user to track their daily progress conveniently.

This product comes with a large display screen that shows the number of steps taken along with other important information regarding your activity levels. You will have all the data right in front of you at any time thanks to this amazing device!

Omron HJ-321 Pedometer is a wonderful addition to anyone’s fitness routine as it helps them keep up with their goals and measurements effortlessly! With its

The pedometer has some additional features, by clicking on the MODE button you get to know all these features you can wear this pedometer all day during the walk but you must know how to reset this pedometer for correct reading on screen. This pedometer has a mechanical sensor and software that detect and count your steps.

Omron HJ-321 pedometer is a great device for people who would like to keep track of their step count. It can be used by anyone, including the elderly or those with disabilities that are not able to walk an entire mile. The Omron HJ-321 has many features that make it easy and enjoyable to use.


How To wear it?

You can clip this pedometer to your waist to detect your motion closely and count your walking steps effectively.


The pedometer has an LCD display screen on which time shows and there are two buttons on is SET and the other one is MODE. Therefore, it looks like a small stopwatch with its astonishing appearance.

Reset Time

It is necessary to reset your pedometer for correct reading. In the morning when you get up and start your walk, firstly you have to reset your time. Here I discuss how I reset my pedometer before I start my walk.

  • Firstly, press the MODE button to show you the time on a pedometer
  • Then press the SET button to show you the hours on screen and continue to advance your desired hour
  • Then press the MODE button to show you the minutes on the screen, after press the SET button to advance your desired minutes.
  • Then press the MODE button to show seconds on your screen, after press the SET button to reset to zero
  • Now press the MODE button for more settings and select your time.
  • Now my pedometer is reset and my time starts now.


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Measuring Stride:

After you reset your pedometer, now it measures your distance with your walking steps for example:
You are walking 20 feet of distance. This pedometer will measure your walking steps and you have to divide your steps with 20 and measure your personal stride

Steps To Record Stride:

Press the SET button and go to stride length setting then Again press the SET button to increase stride length
Now press the MODE button if you want to exit.

How to Reset Omron Pedometer

How To Reset Omron Pedometer

  • There Will be a Left And Right side button Press and untill flashes shows on display with “lb” or “kg”
    Press both of these buttons again when “Clr” appears on the screen
  • This will remove the current Store data in omron Pedometer
  • When the click perform it will reset al the previous store data Date weight and distance covered
  • No its a time to perform a setting for your omron pedometer by entering your required date and time, weigth and distance

How to Reset A Pedometer With No Buttons?

At the end of the day, you can check the recorded data on the screen, on the next day press the reset button to record the new data of the new day.

You can write down your daily activity just to increase your physical activity on daily basis. With time you will get used to this band and you will barely remember the presence of it but it will improve your lifestyle a lot.

If you iPhone then you can reset your pedometer watch through the app on the phone.

How To Reset An Athletic works Pedometer?

When it comes to resetting the athletic pedometer then you need to press the reset button for 4 seconds. The main thing athletes need to change is km to miles and miles to km and by pressing the button of reset upto 4 seconds they can set the required task.

How To Reset Time on Weight Watchers Fit Pedometer

First, you need to press the mode button until you see an option of “STEP MODE” on the screen. Then press and hold the Set. You can also select the change between 24hr and 12hr. Then press the set button to complete the procedure. To set the hours all you need is to press the reset button. With the increase button and decrease mode button, you can set the hours accurately.


  • Never get off the pedometer with your clothes and wash it out because pedometers are not waterproof.
  • Reset your pedometer whenever you start your walk.
  • Wear it on your waist as a belt for better detection



A pedometer is an electronic steps detector device. You must need to reset it before you walk. Now different brands present different pedometers with good qualities.


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