How Many Calories Burned In 5000 Steps

You’ve probably heard the recommendation of walking 5,000 steps each day. But is it really enough to be healthy? With so many aspects of our lives, the idea of just taking a walk may not seem to have much activity value. However, physical activity isn’t just about weight loss, it’s about building an overall healthier lifestyle.

The most effective way to make sure you are living a healthy lifestyle is to take care of your body by exercising. When it comes to weight loss, burning calories is key. But how do you go about burning those pesky little things? There’s a lot of information out there, and it can be hard to know where to start.

As we have researched How Many Calories Burned In 5000 Steps we have got some stats which we will discuss today.


How Many Calories Burned In 5000 Steps

Burning more calories will help you to lose extra weight and maintain a balanced weight.

However, you might have questions such as:

  • How 5000 steps can help me to burn calories?
  • How many calories will I lose every day if I take 5,000 steps?”


How 5000 Steps can Help Me burn calories?

Naturally, we started walking when we almost knew nothing as a baby, and then we stayed more active as we walked more and more.

Walking is an excellent form of exercise that requires no heavy and expensive equipment. You have to just take a pair of shoes, and you are all set to go. Everyone can burn their excessive calories just by walking.

According to the studies, burning calories during exercise is focused on weight, walking speed, time, and distance also matters a lot which can help you to determine how many calories you have burned by taking steps.

5000 steps calories

The average person burns about 100-200 calories per hour. Walking 5000 steps is equivalent to burning around 220 calories, which is the equivalent of a half hour on the treadmill or doing some other kind of exercise. If you want to burn more calories per day, try adding different types of activities into your daily routine.

An article on WebMD states that it’s important to burn at least 500 calories every day. However, the problem with this strategy is that people may not be able to use up 500 calories in one sitting. The article suggests that people should take at least 5000-10000 steps each day, which will help them reach their goal.


how many calories does 5000 steps burn

How Many Calories will I lose Every Day if I take 5,000 steps?

It is said that walking for 5,000 steps is equivalent to climbing 200 stairs. Walking is one of the most accessible forms of exercise in any city or town. It is important to realize that walking only has its benefits if you walk for a long time each day. If you only walk for 10 minutes, you will not be walking enough to see the benefits.

You’ve seen the commercials with the guy who takes 5,000 steps a day and he’s all healthy. But is it really enough?

Generally speaking, a person who weighs 150 pounds will burn around 129 calories per hour by walking and a person who weighs 200 pounds will burn over 158 calories per hour.

Actual calorie burn may vary depending on your height, weight, and the intensity of your steps.

In fact, by making small changes to your lifestyle, you can easily shave off 500 calories per day, which would lead to a weight loss of about one pound each week.

Moreover, depending on the above factors if you complete 5000 steps in brisk walking (a type of walking in which you walk fast without talking) then, it will burn up 250 calories.

As we researched from different sources someone is talking to take 5000 a day will burn 200-300 calories a day.


how many calories burn 5,000 steps a day


Achieve Goal During Excercise

If you your goal is to walk 5,000 – 10,000 steps or more per day, to do this, you must get out and exercise every day, and then put your hard work into action by wearing a pedometer. 

Some people have a pedometer that they wear while walking or running to monitor the number of steps they take while exercising. Pedometers can be a useful tool in helping track fitness goals such as increasing your step count or certain distance run.

Going through the data on your pedometer and reviewing it over time is a great way to keep motivated and see improvement in your physical activity levels.




Formula To Convert Height To Step Length

An average step length for females:

Height × 0.413

An average step length for males:

Height × 0.415

The unit used for height is “cm.”

Step length for a male is around 79 cm and for a female is around 66 cm.

Now, let’s convert the number of steps to miles.

1 mile = 160934 cm. Therefore, an average male walking 1 mile will take approximately 2037 steps (160934/79)

For an average female, walking 1 mile will be around 2438 steps (160934/66).



List of  Calories Burned In 5000 Steps

5000 Steps per Mile (Height 6 feet and above) Calories Burned by Step Count and Weight

Weight 100 lb 120 lb 140 lb 160 lb 180 lb 200 lb 220 lb 250 lb 275 lb
Steps Calories Burned                
1000 28 cal. 33 cal. 38 cal. 44 cal. 49 cal. 55 cal. 60 cal. 69 cal. 75 cal.
2000 55 cal. 66 cal. 76 cal. 87 cal. 98 cal. 109 cal. 120 cal. 137 cal. 150 cal.
3000 83 cal. 99 cal. 114 cal. 131 cal. 147 cal. 164 cal. 180 cal. 206 cal. 225 cal.
4000 110 cal. 132 cal. 152 cal. 174 cal. 196 cal. 218 cal. 240 cal. 274 cal. 300 cal.
5000 138 cal. 165 cal. 190 cal. 218 cal. 245 cal. 273 cal. 300 cal. 343 cal. 375 cal.



Five thousand steps a day will burn a different number of calories for you than it does for another person, depending on your walking speed, weight, and age.

It is an ideal incentive to make a slight improvement on a daily basis to monitor your steps, regardless of all the above-mentioned variables.

You will feel better if you complete your daily targeted steps by moving to nearby places on foot. Keep an eye on the actions that you do on a daily basis. Try to walk to the supermarkets, through the parking area, and around the block during your lunch break. It will really help you to keep track of your daily activities and to keep an eye on your calories burned on a daily basis.

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